A+W Cantor Enterprise

A system that grows with your company.

Your business processes are consistently illustrated in A+W Cantor Enterprise. Full order processing from offer generation to job entry, including credit limit check from purchasing and material management to invoicing, can be performed virtually paperless with the aid of the integrated document archive.

A+W Cantor Enterprise

You are guided through the offer entry process, while jobs and incorrect entries or technically incomplete entries are ruled out, as extensive rules for technical checks are entered in the master data alongside items, such as fittings or profiles. Thanks to integrated materials management, data is only entered once in the job and is available for orders of purchased parts and stock.

Screenshot from the A+W Cantor software during a demo.

Integrated Modules & Business Processes

  • A+W Cantor provides an easy-to-learn, simple entry interface incl. lookup tables and restriction checks.
  • Quotation and order processing allows entry of all materials for an order.
  • Even before creating the order confirmation, A+W Cantor performs a credit limit check and takes your individual delivery blocks into consideration.
  • You can define the unique integrated variant configurator to suit your needs, with all specifications and rules that apply for your company.
  • In the CAD, you can build complex special forms and have the system calculate the prices for these in detail.
  • The Web configurators of adeco, dpi, OBUK, Rodenberg, ROMA, Schlotterer Sonnenschutz, and Warema are integrated, so that your supplier's current product line is always incorporated directly into order entry.
  • With A+W Cantor, a remake order for a customer complaint can be generated with just a few clicks, and the reference to the original order is retained.
  • The software is multilingual, so you can serve customers around the world in your local language.
  • The required materials are ordered and delivered just-in-time, so as late as possible, but as early as necessary. This keeps your inventories at an optimal level.
  • For all order-related purchased materials, completely priced purchase orders are generated for the stored suppliers.
  • Automated order management and electronic communication with your suppliers can be handled via openTRANS®.
  • Incoming and outgoing goods can be booked automatically or using a mobile scanner.
  • A+W includes tools for workflow and task management and an info center; you can use these to improve your process throughput.
  • Use the integrated SQL tool to create queries in order to depict, analyze, and optimize any area of your company.
  • A personal overview - your cockpit - can be used to control your company as needed.
  • All documents and communication between departments are stored in the system, which contributes to paperless office organization, lean administration, and thus great efficiency at every step.

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