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A+W Realtime Optimizer

Flexible cut calculator

The fine planning instruments used in glass production and optimization systems today provide good to very good results thanks to many years of constant enhancement. Nevertheless, it is clear that there is still significant savings potential, especially in the area of glass cutting. Simple optimization systems for state-of-the-art process flows are generally too rigid and inflexible: glass must be cut as was specified in the original optimization. However, it’s possible to do things differently!

The online cut calculator A+W Realtime Optimizer allows flexible and wide-reaching interventions into production flows even after an optimization has already been performed: the A+W Realtime Optimizer can chain batches, split up large batches, and recombine them. Optimization flows can be divided up or re-routed to different cutting tables online and breakages are integrated easily. The already-specified storage sequences are therefore retained – the production sequence of the basic optimization is not changed.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Online re-optimization of created jobs from A+W Production or A+W Business Pro (same glass type)
  • Production sequence from production system is taken into account
  • Possibility of entering rush lites / rush jobs
  • Quick-Optimization after cutting was started
  • Reduction of residue plates by using rush jobs, breakage, or sheets from following optimizations / jobs
  • Dynamic re-optimization of breakage
  • Online control of cutting tables and breakout display
  • Avoids residue plates by linking and mixing of cutting jobs
  • Improves the yield and cutting performance
  • Managing local and global breakage with re-optimization
  • Controls a residual stock manager (e.g. Remaster by Hegla)
  • Usage of residual plates preferred (higher ranking)

A+W Realtime Optimizer is available for:

A+W Business Pro

 A man stands in front of a work table and cuts the glass pane.

A+W Production

A man stands in front of a monitor in the production hall, using A+W Production software to control the cutting of the glass sheets.

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