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A+W Rack Optimizer

Organize efficiently – package directly

Now as before in insulated glass manufacturing, a much-too-great proportion of the finished lites are placed in intermediate storage at the end of the production line. And these are frequently precisely the lites that have to be packed first. Thus, there is still time-consuming picking and sorting to be done in dispatch. This costs time and money, compromises the ability to deliver, and increases the risk of damage. Added to this is that the transport racks and thus also the transport trucks are frequently not as well-loaded as possible.

The packaging optimization A+W Rack Optimizer guides the entire production process toward direct packaging and the best possible utilization of packaging. The orders are divided into groups to be packaged together, e. g. same delivery date / same route / same delivery address. After executing the packaging optimization, it is possible to display the results in a 3 D or 2 D view as a preview (how will the lites be placed on the transport rack?). The optimized racks can be “repacked” with a few mouse-clicks if necessary.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Efficient orientation of your production to the unloading sequence at customers thanks to pre-defined groupings/sequences of orders and items
  • Increased efficiency and productivity at the IG line (bottleneck)
  • No resorting in dispatch needed anymore
  • Usage of robots for stacking and packing possible
  • Less breakage by avoiding manual packing of glass – increase of quality
  • Automatic weight balancing and weight limit check of packing racks
  • 3D pack view displays the rack load and the position of every single lite
  • Manual movement of lite possible – using the 3D pack view editor
  • Special mode for cases
  • Deep integration with A+W Enterprise -> determined sequence from order entry is kept in production until packing
  • Higher glass yields possible - potential for higher flexibility in cutting optimization

A+W Rack Optimizer is available for:

A+W Production

A man stands in front of a monitor in the production hall, using A+W Production software to control the cutting of the glass sheets.

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